Skilled Representation In Civil Litigation

If you are involved in a legal dispute, we suggest you seek legal representation. Mistakes regarding such matters can be costly. The failure to make certain claims during your proceeding can lead to expense, delay and property loss. As the court rules in Virginia are complex, the failure to state your claim properly may prevent you from asserting your legal rights in the future.

Experienced Litigators Providing Personal Attention

The Law Office of Scott N. Kazem, PLC, is a full service law firm that provides a variety of civil litigation services to all of its Northern Virginia clientele. Attorney Scott N. Kazem is a litigator who routinely tries cases in the local courts and is a powerful advocate when it comes to representing your concerns. He provides representation for cases involving:

  • Business law and transactions
  • Contract law
  • Employment law
  • Family law, divorce and domestic relations
  • Land use and development
  • Landlord and tenant disputes and negotiations
  • Personal injury claims
  • Other complex litigation claims

It is the personal services we provide that sets us apart from other law firms. We consider our representation of you to be a part of an ongoing relationship. It is common for us to represent the same individual regarding a wide variety of legal issues. We will help you understand your legal options and what to expect from the civil litigation process. If we cannot help you regarding your legal matter, we will put you in touch with someone who can.

Understanding The Numbers

Besides being a lawyer, Mr. Kazem is a certified public accountant (CPA) with a bachelor's degree in financing and an extensive understanding of international finance. As such, he understands the importance of numbers in litigation — especially when it comes to the operation of your business or the purchase of property. He can make sense of the numbers and clearly state your position in front of a judge or jury. He can also use such understanding in making determinations whether to settle your case or take it to trial.

Let Us Help You

The Law Office of Scott N. Kazem, PLC, will fight for you. To learn more about our civil litigation services, please contact our Leesburg office by calling 571-252-7720.