Motorcycle Accidents And Increased Risks

Motorcycles offer fun and freedom, but not without risk. Motorcyclists are five times more likely than drivers of passenger vehicles to suffer an injury. They are 25 times more likely to die in an accident. In Virginia, there are about 2,000 motorcycle accidents in an average year, and nearly three-fourths of these result in a serious injury.

Victims may be able to pursue compensation for medical care, lost wages, property damage and more through a personal injury filing. But to be successful in such cases will require the help of a qualified lawyer.

An Attorney Who Understands

Based in Leesburg, and serving throughout the state, the Law Office of Scott N. Kazem, PLC, is dedicated to providing legal assistance to motorcycle accident victims. Scott, our founding attorney, is himself an avid motorcycle rider. And he understands intimately the dangers that motorcyclists face: tailgating, cutoffs, the inattention of semitruck drivers who fail to check their blind spots. Indeed, Scott is uniquely prepared to investigate the root causes of motorcycle accidents, and to hold the responsible parties to account.

Our firm offers aggressive, dedicated representation. We make an effort to be communicative at every step. We will explain the laws, and inform you of your options; when you work with our firm you work with Scott, and he is dedicated to being available to those he represents.

Your Monetary Concerns

Your financial needs go far beyond a wrecked bike. An ambulance ride is expensive. So is a visit to an emergency room. For serious spine and head injuries, you could face weeks or months of rehab and recovery. Your budget takes a serious hit from lost wages, especially if you suffer from disabilities that will never fully heal. And that's not even looking at the pain and suffering you had to endure because of someone else's mistake.

We can help you pursue maximum compensation. To look into your legal options, contact us online or call now at 571-252-7720. The initial consultation is always free. Going forward, we only collect attorneys' fees if we're successful in your case.