Unsafe Premises: Are You At Risk?

Property owners have a strict obligation to make sure that their properties are safe. They owe this duty of care to invited guests and all others on the property, from mail carriers to neighborhood children to pedestrians walking by (and even, in some cases, to trespassers).

Safety means different things in different situations. Adequate lighting may be needed in a store or a parking lot. Signs warning about slick floors may be required in hotels and businesses. Handrails are required on staircases and balconies. Unfortunately, many owners are neglectful and fail to implement proper measures. This puts the public at risk.

At the Law Office of Scott N. Kazem, PLC, we work to help those in Leesburg and throughout Virginia seek compensation for medical bills and other damages after an injury stemming from dangerous premises. Scott, our founding attorney, has financial experience and training as a CPA to go along with his legal background; he understands the financial picture and what it takes to seek proper compensation. He offers experienced counsel, aggressive representation and a personal approach that means he works very closely with every single client.

The Most Common Injuries

Injuries can happen in any number of ways on unsafe properties. The following are a few of the most common:

  • Slip-and-fall accidents — Do not assume slip-and-fall accidents are minor events. Annually, more than 800,000 people end up in the hospital after a fall. This treatment adds up to a stunning annual cost of $34 billion. One misstep due to a dangerous condition could define the rest of your life.
  • Dog bites — Dogs may be man's best friend, but the statistics show that they bite people 4.5 million times per year. Some of these bites lead to scarring, permanent injury, disfigurement and even disability. In the worst cases, dog attacks turn fatal. Joggers and children are especially at risk.
  • Construction site injuries — The construction industry is one of the most dangerous in the United States, and not just to workers. Dangerous conditions can impact pedestrians and drivers who are passing by the site. Falling debris or tools can strike people on the sidewalk below, or construction sites that are not properly fenced in could be an attractive nuisance for children.

Our law firm has the experience and knowledge to help injury victims, and the surviving family members of those who have suffered a wrongful death.

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