Wrongful Death: Moving Forward After Loss

Negligent fatalities take a loved one from you far before their time, and they can happen without warning in almost any situation. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention note that there are 45.6 unintentional injury deaths for every 100,000 people in the United States. In Virginia, this translates to more than 3,500 fatal accidents per year.

It is impossible to overstate the variety of risks. One CDC study reveals that 33,381 people died in unintentional falls. 37,757 more passed away in car crashes. 47,478 more perished from unintentional poisoning. Other reports show that avoidable medical mistakes are the third-leading cause of death, behind only cancer and heart disease.

At the Law Office of Scott N. Kazem, PLC, we offer legal support to the surviving family members of wrongful death victims. While we understand our efforts cannot undo the loss of a loved one, we are able to help pursue some measure of justice. We understand that a death is a personal tragedy; our clients are not merely case numbers. We make an effort to provide personal legal assistance at every step, taking care to work closely with the individuals and families we represent.

Financial Damages

Our firm can help pursue financial compensation for a number of concerns, including:

  • Pain and suffering that your family member went through before passing away
  • The loss of companionship and love
  • The cost of the funeral
  • The cost of the burial
  • Any related medical costs, both before and after the passing
  • A lost inheritance
  • Lost wages

To learn more, or to speak with a lawyer, reach out to our firm. You can call us at 571-252-7720 or contact us online. We offer free initial consultations, and work on a contingency fee basis — we do not collect attorneys' fees unless we're successful in your case.

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